Poson Festival

Poson festival, celebrated in Sri Lanka on the full moon day in June, commemorates the special event when Sri Lanka was converted to Buddhism in the 3 rd Century BC. Marking the birth of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Poson poya day is much celebrated event. When king Devanampiyatissa was converted to Buddhism by Arahat Maha Mahinda, the son of King Asoka, the Emperor of India, after which Buddhism was declared the State religion.

The entire country celebrates this significant milestone, but it all culminates at Mihintale, known as the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, for it is believed to be there that the conversion took place. In fact it is in the Ambasthale Dagoba, the temple in Mihintale, accessible by 1840 steps, that it is in believed that the historic encounter took place.

Visit Sri Lanka in June and experience the country’s Poson celebrations during your tour. On Poson poya day, many devotees make their way to temple to spend reflective hours in meditation while there are also several sil campaigns, Dan Sal, Poson devotional songs and pandols among others.

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