National Parks / Wild life / Flora and Fauna

By and large, around 22 percent of Sri Lanka's creatures of land and water, birds, warm blooded creatures and reptiles and

27 percent of our plants are aboriginal! Sri Lanka's two major national parks – Yala and Wilpattu - offer a combine ensured zone

of more than 2300 sq km (230000 hectares) and bring a mind-boggling cluster of natural life. Yala has ended up perceived for

having one of the most noteworthy densities of panthers on the planet. Wilpattu is one of the best places on the island to recognize the

much apparent sloth bear. In Yala park it is likewise basic to see deer, wild pig, monkeys, Wild Elephants, crocodile , Leopard ,

many varieties of birds , and water buffaloes etc…rest of two main National Parks there are 24 national parks and which together cover

an area of 5,734 km 2 . Activities prohibited in national parks include hunting, killing or removing any wild animal;

destroying eggs/nests of birds and reptiles; disturbing of wild animals; interfering in the breeding of any animal;

felling/damaging of any plant; breaking up land for cultivation/mining/other purpose; kindling/carrying of fire; and

possessing/using any trap/explosive/poison to damage animal or plant life. Visitors are allowed to enter national parks

but only for the purpose of observing flora and fauna and with a permit. Other national parks by name as follows;

Adam’s Bridge- Northern province , Angammedilla – North Central Province, Bundala – Southern province,

Chundikkulam – Northern province , Delft Northern province, Flood plains – North central province, Gal Oya – Eastern Province,

Galwy’s Land – Central Province, Hikkaduwa – Southern province, Horagolla – western province, Horrowpathana, Horton

Plains – Central province, Kaudulla – North central province, Kumana – Eastern province, Lahugala Kitulana – Eastern province, Lunugamvehera – Southern

province, Madhu Road– North province, Minneriya – North central province, Pigeon Island – Eastern province, Somawathiya – Eastern province, Uadawalawe – Uva

province, Ussangoda – Southern province, Wasgamuwa – Central province.

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