July Katharagama Festival

The Kataragama Festival is the Esala full moon festival held in between July or August at the Kataragama temple . The forest temple is dedicated to the God Skanda, the Lord Kataragama and is a place of worship for both Buddhists and Hindus. Before, there was very limited access to the temple and being able to visit the temple was contemplated a great honor. However, The Kataragama festival is a massive prayer where worshippers fast, pray and execute remarkable acts of grace to show their genuineness. The main part of the festival is the performance of 'treading the flowers' where worshippers put on a display of walking on beds of red-hot cinders. This is done as an act of absolution and to fulfill promises Conjointly, The festival precisely finishes with the water-cutting event in the “Menic Ganga”.

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